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About the Game
CS Galaxies is a Free Browser based Space Trading & Combat MMORPG
(Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
Created by Atom Creations the designer of Galactic Fleets
With Player feedback helping the Game grow and evolve
100% Free with no in game Advertising

Complete open Gameplay so you can play however you wish
Become a rich Merchant or fight for Ruler of the Galaxy
Hunt using Informants and following Ion Trails for Bounties
Run a Government as President or become a Planet Emperor
Control Fleets, Alliances, Guilds, Federations & secret Orders
System upgrades and Weapons to customize your Starship
Join discussions in the Forum or chat in game through IRC

Player Quotes
"CS Galaxies is AWESOME! That's all I have to say..."
Pristonson 19 Nov 2006
"it's the best game out there, and way more fun than WoW...
seriously...how many times have you been asked to go and kill 6 bears in CS Galaxies?
Or collect 10 of the red berries in order to stop the bear-flu epidemic?
There's nothing more satisfying than to log on to the game, have your empire completely wiped out,
and then build yourself back up - I'm serious - a true feeling of loss, then satisfaction at rising again.
Way more satisfying than Lvl 60. Plus the relationships developed here are awesome. The people are great!"
Adamyk 25 Dec 2006
"I love this game. It is highly addictive, and newbie-friendly"
Of Recruits 26 Dec 2006
"There are no rules to how you play the game. It is in open Beta...
it changes, and we make the game. that's the beauty of it all."
Rhonan 29 Dec 2006
"this is by far the best browser based games I have ever encountered
and the fact that it is free to boot is something which is incredible to me.
This is a great game which is balanced and fun at the same time. Thank you."
Cpt. Conejo 23 Jan 2007
"salvaging reminds me of elite, gotta love that game. starting to love this game too.
brownie points for the creator definitely, game rocks"
tanacious 31 Jan 2007
"It should come with a warning, 'Danger - This Game is Addictive'."
nightblind 26 Feb 2007

CS Galaxies is part of PBBG Hub which means once you signup you have access
to several online games which you can play without having to register for each one separately.
Currently the games available include Galactic Fleets, Chosen Space and CS Galaxies.
All of these games are 100% free to play and they are supported by advertising
(with no ads inside the game) and donations from players.

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